Monday, July 16, 2012

Eternal Calm

I just finished my most recent commission for one of my collectors in Memphis. She bought Common Thread and Graceful Fortitude last summer and wanted a third painting to finish off her space. She said that one painting represents her husband, and one painting represents her, and one painting represents their family. I am so honored to get to be a part of such a personal and creative project. Creating this painting for her has been such a fulfilling experience and it makes me so grateful that I am doing what I love.

Eternal Calm in my studio at home.

I named it Eternal Calm because she mentioned that she wanted this painting to resemble a sunset at the beach. She wanted something that would make her feel serene when she looked at it. It made me feel serene while I worked on it!

D. and Me at Lambert's Cafe

We met her and her daughter in Sikeston, MO where Lambert's Cafe is. "The home of the Throwed Rolls!" She was coming from Memphis so it was the perfect meeting spot. It gave us a chance to have lunch with our own families after we loaded her painting into her car for her. It was really a great day. While we were waiting for our tables, I got to learn that she is writing a novel and has been for a long time, but is now ready to finish it. I hope one day I get to read it. Even her e-mails are a pleasure to read! So I am sure that her novel will be wonderful.

Eternal Calm 32"x48" Commissioned Piece


  1. I'd say you nailed it--sunset and serenity. It's beautiful!


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