Monday, November 14, 2011

Common Thread

"Common Thread" is a painting I made while getting ready for my fair in Chicago. I had no idea where it was going when I created it, but I did vaguely know what colors I was planning to land on. I etched a squiggly line diagonally through the texture in the painting and then I filled that thread with copper paint on the blue parts and blue paint on the copper parts.

This painting became named "Common Thread" because of my grandma. When I was younger, I asked my grandma what religion she believed in and she told me that if you pay attention to most religious belief systems, you will find that there may be many differences, but there is one common thread between them all. And then she said, "That common thread is what I believe in." My grandma would never believe she was wise, but to me this was probably the most wise thing anyone could have ever told me at that time. It opened my mind to everything and allowed me to go through life without judgement. It encouraged me to listen and learn and let go of what doesn't ring true for me. I will be forever grateful for that gift from her.

Common Thread 32"x32" SOLD

I had a short time with this painting, but I miss it just the same. The good thing is that I know it is in a good home. Thank you to D and M in Memphis for bringing this special painting into your home and loving it like I do.


  1. what a beautiful thing to paint wisdom! I love the story behind it, makes it even more wonderful! SO happy it found a loving home and so quickly!

  2. yes, your grandma was wise! you never know which comments will make a lasting impression

  3. Awe, that is so sweet. I never knew that story. She is a very wise women and I am so proud to know her as my mom & mentor. Although she does not recognize her own wisdom and sometimes that wisdom is to just remain silent. She is amazing for sure. I just love how all you grandchildre express your love for her. She so deserves it.

  4. "Take what you like and leave the rest" a very helpful quote!
    I am due for a couple of new paintings- (but have been 'resisting'
    Lately my little art program ( 2x a week,2hrs each)has been more Pastels, 2ndly color pencils,3rd markers...
    Thanks for visiting!

  5. I loved your grandmothers response, what a beautiful story. Love the piece and what it represents. It can be hard seeing a piece go but it also feels good knowing that it goes to a home where someone loves it.


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