Monday, November 21, 2011

Graceful Fortitude

One night I was having trouble sleeping. I was stressed out about my job as artist manager in our gallery. Managing means I get to work with beautiful people with beautiful creations and my goal is to help them sell their work in our gallery. Managing also means that I get to deal with emotional, impulsive, creative beings who sometimes forget to be thoughtful or nice.  So this particular night, I was obsessing about a certain thing that was bothering me and in a desparate attempt to get some sleep, I decided to change my thoughts to something positive. These decisions have to be made on purpose, I can't count on my brain to stop obsessing willingly....unfortunately.

I decided to force my noggin to think of what my next painting would be. In a matter of minutes, this painting was literally etched in my brain (thankfully). I have been making trees like this for a while, but this is the first time that I made one that looked like this with branches separated out. In this painting, I think of those stretched out branches as my fingers and hands and arms holding up everything I care about. As  a mom, artist, and business owner, I feel the need for strength all of the time. I would like to be like this tree. I would like to be full of grace as I depend on my strength to help me through challenging times. That is always better than pulling a "full crazy" as my mom likes to put it.
Graceful Fortitude 32"x48" SOLD

Thank you D once again for bringing this special painting into your home!


  1. What a gorgeous piece and I love how your positive spin on things was incorporated into a painting.

  2. It is funny how we really do paint what we feel...even when we don't realize it. This is beautiful and I find much uplifting strength in it...I admit I would like to see what "full crazy" painting looks like too :)

  3. Thank you both. Art is a wonderful therapy and magic isn't it?


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