Monday, November 7, 2011

Warm Tree, Cool Tree

Tree paintings in progress.
Remember these trees? I first wrote about them in my post "Oh the Possibilities" and then I wrote about them again in "Slow but Sure" when they were finally finished. These paintings took a while to evolve but they were well worth the effort. I exhibited them at Gateway Gallery for a short time and then in my gallery; Wood Icing and then I took them to Chicago where they were separated. "Cool Tree" found a happy home, but "Warm Tree" is still looking for it's forever home. For now she is back with me at Wood Icing Gallery and for sale in my Etsy shop.

Cool Tree 24x24"  SOLD
These paintings were a little experiment for me. I was trying a new way to etch my trees into the paste. First, I laid down a layer of paste and brown color, let it dry, then I laid down another layer of paste for etching into. I thought this would be nice to have the brown show through, but what I found was that drawing through to the second layer of dried paste killed my hands and wrist, so I will not be using that technique again. Ouch! Live and learn, right?

Warm Tree 24"x24" Click here for PURCHASE
If this is not the painting for you, please consider passing this link on to someone you know who it would be perfect for. I would be eternally grateful and I might even send you a little thank you gift in the form of art! Artists love referrals too!


  1. Nice post. Wonderful art and i love the idea of art for referals! Hmmm more food for thought! xokp

  2. I dropped by and am fascinated with how you did the tree! I am always challenging myself to get up off the page with my paintings. I love
    the warmth and openness of this work- I lean toward blues and greens
    but occasionally challenge myself to
    work with different themes and colors. Thanks!


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