Friday, May 6, 2011

Slow But Sure

That's my motto these days. Slowly but surely I am accomplishing many of the things on my list. I am also slowly but surely learning to accept that I must be patient. My life doesn't permit me to be painting as much as I want, I cannot focus on just my web site or just my schedule. I used to find great frustration in those facts, but now I am learning to accept and even see the value in these facts.

For instance, this week I worked "a little" on my tree paintings; enough to varnish and wire them and call them complete although they are not hung yet. That's better than nothing, right?

I also managed to work "a little" on my samples for my classes that I plan to offer at the studio. This also leads me to the reality check that my goal of offering these classes in May will NOT happen, but they WILL be starting in June and I just have to accept that.

More exciting news is that I finished my STL painting for my friend Carmen to give as a going away gift. She loved it and that feels so great.

Other good things this week include; we have installed a new artist and my friend Ron Flier in the gallery. He is the one who is responsible for my getting to be a part of Gateway Gallery. We also secured a designer for the next event we are having in June which is a huge thing. I can't wait to tell you more about that!

Last night is the coolest though. I watched my 3rd grader pitch in her for the first time in her softball game last night and she rocked the house! It was so cold and crappy and raining and she did so great. It was such a thrill and she was so proud of herself. Alright, enough "me" time, I am off to go make copies for this little 3rd grader's spring party bingo game today because life is short and they are only young for a while.  

Oh yeah, tonight I will be at Gateway Gallery for an art reception for Sandy Moriarty! Come see us!

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