Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our Safety Net

Safety Net

It seems to be good timing for me to be introducing this painting. For us, this is back to school time. The kids are back to school and I am back to having my brain all to myself for 6 and 1/2 hours a day five days a week. I hope that doesn't sound horrible, but my kids were very sick of being dragged to every job I have, and I am ready to FOCUS.

So back to the painting...Our Safety Net. It is is 48inches wide and 32inches tall and part of my Family Series. Now, one of three that I have created. I made it in gratitude to the parents of my kids' friends. I feel so lucky that we have moved into this great community where I can count on our friends and neighbors to help us out whenever we need it. For example; Yesterday, I got into the van to go pick up my kids from school and the battery was dead. Arggg. I immediately started walking and dialing the moms. I knew I could call and find someone who would stand with my kids until I could get there. I was late, the kids were safe and I had my safety net.

Have I talked about my Family Series? I don't think I have. I just realized that I keep making these paintings with these lines and circles that remind me of flowers and people. Flowers make great metaphors for people. They can be so different and colorful, they can be sturdy and delicate. The have personalities and seem to be like little families. Some flowers take over a garden, some flowers help other flowers, some flowers stand alone. It all started with I Closed My Eyes and They Were Grown.
I don't really plan to plan the paintings for this series. I think I will just let them come to me. So this series will be slow to grow.

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  1. I love this idea for your series and your description of flowers and people. It really is something to be grateful when you can trust other parents and you can help each other out that sense of community is pretty awesome.

    Back to school is a good thing for us Mom's, I'm getting excited for some free time too :) Yay!


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