Monday, February 29, 2016

9 Steps to Tape Off Your Wall for the Perfect Piece of Art

Have you ever thought about using tape to help decide if a certain piece of art will fit in the space you have in mind? It's super easy! Just grab some masking tape and a tape measure and follow these simple steps.

1. Place masking tape on the wall in a plus sign taking up as much space as you can. (you can measure for the center spot if you want to, or you can eyeball it.)


2. Now, look at this plus sign and imagine borders.
3. Start taping the top, right, bottom and left. Don't worry if it is perfect.

4. Step back and decide, do you like the way this tape fills your space?

5. If not, pull up the outer tapes and move them in gradually until you see the tape in a space that feels right to you.

6. Once it looks like it makes visual sense, grab your tape measure and measure the width, and height and WRITE IT DOWN. I promise, you will forget. If you have extra space in either direction write down the range that a piece could fit into.

7. Take a picture of the space and surrounding area.
8. Remove the tape within 24 hours, otherwise it may stick and mark your walls.
9. Now you have your measurements for next time you fall in love with the perfect piece of art!

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