Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Believing in my Purpose

Not that long ago, I felt a little guilty that I am not creating art that fights the good fight, or makes important statements politically, socially or otherwise. I have been making "pretty" paintings for eleven years now. They are special and pertinent to me. Part of me loves that and knows that is enough, and part of me is a little ashamed that they are not serving a more important purpose. For me alone, creating feeds my soul, fills my voids, and gives a positive place for angst to go.

Recently, I have learned a valuable thing about myself and my art. I can thank M.J. for this most recent discovery. She is one of the kindest, sweetest, caring, warm, generous, open, beautiful people I have ever met. She is a "fan" of my art and a collector, and now she is my teacher. She made me realize, no, believe that my art does have meaning and purpose that it lives way beyond what purpose it serves to me. She convinced me that my paintings can spread the joy with which they were made with the space and people they are surrounded by. After she received a small gift from me, she sent me this note, "until I met you, saw your paintings, I can't say I ever gave 'art' much of a thought. Now I wonder how I could have ever not been captured before by it. Pretty cool. Your own story is so inspiring--and I think of how brave it was for you to follow your dream. One cannot define 'success' by monetary means alone when it comes to living one's passion...but the fact that you are "now making it" is awesome. What else is awesome--people loving your work, having it in their homes, that good energy that you put into it being now in their space.....all that is true success." I think this was the moment, I truly got it. I definitely got it when I was making my Wishful Painting Series, but now I really get it, and believe it.

Tree of Well Being for M.J.

This winter she hired me to create a tree painting for her, inspired by "Cerebral Tree". I titled it "Tree of Well Being" because I want this painting to be a symbol of her health and happiness that she so deserves. When she received the painting she e-mailed me this note, "...the colors explode in the morning, I just stand in front of it and feel the immense beauty of your work!" That is all I could ever ask for. Now I am sure my art has purpose. Thank you MJ for the gift that opened my eyes.


  1. When you receive comments like that you just know you're doing something great. I love it when a piece I've created really touches someone. Your work is incredible.


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