Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 Calendars of my Paintings

When I made these calendars (by my brother's suggestion), I never knew how important they would become to me. The best part of this calendar story is about a woman I met in Chicago in 2010. She bought one of my prints then and came to visit me in 2011 too. She is so passionate about art and especially my art that it makes me feel special to be able to create something that can move another person so deeply. We were planning to begin a commissioned piece for her in 2012. She is such a thoughtful person that she e-mailed me on New Years Day to let me know that her commissioned piece was going to have to be put on hold due to the fact that she was diagnosed with breast cancer and she would need to use that money to pay her medical bills instead.
2012 Art Calendar - Click to Purchase 

My mother and grandmother are breast cancer survivors so it really hurt me to hear that she will have to go through such a difficult time. Feeling helpless, I sent her a calendar as a special get well soon gift and she sent me the most moving thank you note. She said "I am going to use it as a personal journal of my next year. Each month, each day -- I will be reminded of your special kindness. I will have a special place to log my appointments, but more importantly, my thoughts and feelings -  so by year's end I will have a very personal log of the days of my journey." This is why I make art. Thank you MJ for giving me true motivation and a sense of being valued for the work that I do in the most important way. 

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