Monday, July 23, 2012

Lucky Art Party at Wood Icing

I wear many hats in this artistic life. It keeps me very busy and sometimes I feel frustrated about that fact and then I give myself a good smack and remind myself that everything I am doing is related to what I love. Art. This is a dream I get to live and my "busy" is self imposed by my passion.

Mary Nasser giving her arty gift to my good friend Tricia and that's me talking with my good friend Beth behind them.
The latest thing that kept me busy was our art reception at Wood Icing. I manage the gallery and the artists, so this was my baby. My mom (my partner) did a lot, even though she would be silly and say she didn't do anything, but I spearheaded it. We have been working hard to create a place that is different than other studio/galleries. We like that our studio is visible, mess and all, we want to bring decorative and fine arts together, and we try really hard to make our place feel beautiful and inviting.

Rose Wilde (my mom) giving her Wood Icing demo.
The best part of our little shop is that we have the help of really amazing artists. They help us cover the hours, use the time to work on their art and in turn we give them lots of exhibit space. Having these talented and creative people in our space all of the time makes Wood Icing a fun place to visit because you never know what you will get to see them creating.
Kristen Powers (kae pea) giving her eraser carving demo.

The Lucky Art Party was a great success. We used two Crayon boxes to match the arty gift with the lucky winner. We went through all 64 crayons and then some so I know at least 70 people came not including artists. We also had free art demos from seven of the artists who exhibit their work in our gallery. This was a really fun night for everyone involved. I wish I could have been a guest instead of a host!
Susie Tenzer giving her arty gift to a lucky winner.

Vesna Delevska painting during the reception as our guests watch her painting transform.

Janice Scherer giving her art demo.

If you would like to see more fun photos from this night, you can visit our
Wood Icing Facebook Fan Page by clicking HERE.

We also have links to all of our artists in the gallery HERE.


  1. I didn't see a location mentioned in this article. It looks alot like St. George's Orthodox.

    1. It was the Lucky Art Party AT Wood Icing. Wood Icing Gallery at the Chesterfield Mall in Missouri.


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