Monday, February 27, 2012

HayPea Artsy People Club

Ever since we opened the Wood Icing Studio Gallery, I have wanted to do something like this, but silly things like time, money, the stars not aligning or whatever, it just never quite became a reality. I am so excited to be giving this a whirl. This is my chance to have creative playtime with other creative people, share a little of what I know, and learn some too! Where'd we get the name? Weeelll HAYmart + KAEpea = HayPea! We meet the first Thursday of every month from 1-3pm. Anyone is welcome to come join us and NO experience is necessary. I promise. For $25 ($20 each if you bring a friend) we will do art demos, provide plenty of art supplies to learn creative techniques, and experiment with different types of media. Most of all, our goal is to embark on a creative journey together with like-minded, creative spirits. If you are in the area and are interested in joining us, please call Wood Icing at 636-536-0409 to register so we know you are coming. You can also visit our FB event page to find our more details.

This is our first page we did in our journals. We were experimenting with painting grounds with fluid acrylics for doing more fun things over the top of it. I stopped here because I like it the way it is.

This is a pocket we made for the back cover of our art journals. In the past I would have never "wasted" time adding little pretties to something like this, but now I am re-learning that no creative time is wasted time.

This is the prompt to work on in our journals at home. I haven't done mine yet, but I plan to by this Thursday! We will have a show and tell with the ladies who joined us for our first meeting and any new people who decide to join us. Can't wait to see what they did.

OK, I cannot resist sharing my latest find. I was shopping at Trader Joe's for a care package for my cousin Amie who's 4 week old little baby had to have heart surgery last week. (He is doing really well so far, thank goodness.) I found these Falafel Chips for her and then for me and now I am in trouble. Yum Yum. I think I am bringing them to the Artsy People Club this week!


  1. The Artsy People Club is an amazing idea!!
    Can't wait to attend April's when I have the day off!

    I love your background from the first meeting!

  2. Thank you Mary! This Artsy People club is just what I needed and I think other creatives need it too. It is really going to be a special thing, I can feel it, so it makes me so glad to know that you will be joining us too.

  3. Ow, this sounds so good!! I wish I could join you - I love the idea of working and hanging out with other creatives, it makes for such an infusion of energy and inspiration, I imagine! (& those chips? I guess it's better for me that we don't have Trader Joe's out here ;) LOVE the simple package design & colours too!)


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