Monday, December 5, 2011

Excavation of Truth

There is a correlation between my physical interaction with my paintings and the underlying meaning. In this painting, I dragged the paint and paste while it was drying so that it peeled away layers and revealed color and texture. This is very similar to how we behave as emotional people. We have veils and walls that need to be dragged away in order to see what lies beneath to find the truth. Some people, like paintings, have more layers to peel away, probably as a protective measure. I am always a little envious of the people who do not hide under such thick barriers. I imagine being open in that way is very freeing.

Excavation of Truth 16"x24" Click HERE to Purchase

It is not so easy to see in the photo, but I used bronze metallic paint and some Liquitex Black Lava in this painting. I love the idea of providing these visual treasures within a seemingly earthy base. Sort of like when you see a cross section of a rock with a thread of quartz running through it.


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