Friday, November 4, 2011


Divercity 24"x48" SOLD
Inspiration comes at times when you least expect it. I dreamed of this painting in my car. I seem to sway between abstracted cities, landscapes and trees. Those are the things I am naturally drawn to when I am creating. What is funny, is that this painting started out in my brain as colors and textures, not as a city. I just knew how I wanted to organize things, then magically a cityscape emerged. There is no seriously deep meaning in this painting, it is simply a result of me getting to do what I love.Thank you to Samuel in Memphis for walking into my booth and loving what I do!

Today I won't be making paintings, but I WILL be painting. Walls in my daughter's room that is! Can't wait. She has picked out the bedding for her birthday, and we bought the paint the other night. She is going with black, white and lime green. I wish it was my room!


  1. oh that color combination sounds awesome! And love your Divercity painting...the new owner is very lucky!

  2. Thanks Kristen!
    For Quincy's room, I took lots of pictures of us working on it this weekend, but we still aren't finished yet. It is looking super cute so far.


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