Monday, November 15, 2010

My Brain is not Mine

I told myself that I was going to start writing in my blog more consistently starting last Monday. Have you heard from me? Noooooo. I can't think of one. thing. to. write. You know why? My son is sick. I mean he has had Pneumonia with high fevers for 10 days. He has been on the couch and I have been obsessively taking his temperature for 10 days. I. can't. think. Yes I am grateful that when he recovers from this he will be his healthy amazing self. I am just surprised that my workaholic brain can stop dead like this. All I can do is offer chicken soup and jello and fret and take temps, and you get the picture. So my passion that is my work is on hold because there is NOTHING more important than getting him better. I can't make good use of my time sitting here with him everyday because my work brain has been taken over by the mom part of my brain. I am just lucky that this work that is my passion allows me the flexibility to be home with him until he gets better. Except for tomorrow. Ben will stay home because he is wonderful while I go work my day at Wood Icing.

Time to go take his temp because he his still sleeping and it is 9:21 AM and as I type, all I can think about is if his fever will finally be gone today.


  1. Poor Max. Hope he feels better soon.

  2. Thanks Tracy. He is doing better today, but still not fever free.


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