Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So How Do You Fill Your Paint Palette?

This is my beloved paint palette. My grandma gave it to me when I started painting. It was a palette for her porcelain paints years ago and she said she didn't use it anymore. She is just generous like that. I LOVE the day I get to fill my paint palette. If feels like Christmas morning. I HATE when I let the paints dry out and I have to scrape them off and throw them away. BUT that does mean that I get to fill my palette again.

So my question is this....How do you fill your paint palette? I used to fill it in a circle starting with warm colors, progressing through cool and then adding neutrals. Then I started going left to right with the color wheel in lines across the palette. Now I am trying something new. I line up the primary and secondary colors starting with yellow at the top of the palette and then progress down with different versions of each color, then put the neutrals at the bottom. I know, so technical, but it really affects the outcome of your paintings when you plan out your palette a certain way. It also opens you up to new color combinations and new ways of mixing colors that you may have forgotten about.


  1. Gosh... I wish I was that organised! I ten to splodge and mix as I go along, and I end up with a massive array of multicolours. I work with acrylics, so I like everything done fast! :) I tend to have a fairly small, favourite palette of colours, so the tendency is towards rusts, blues, my own chromatic black, and sometimes more pop art colours, but really without any rhyme or reason. I do love your porcelain palette tho - and what a lovely gift!

  2. Georgina I love you blog! It looks so nice! Thank you for commenting on my post. I always start out organized and then that quickly changes - but that is where the fun comes in right?


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