Friday, August 27, 2010

The Edge of Reason

Sometimes, when I am working on a painting, I have things going on in my life and drifting through my mind while I create. It is not a conscious decision on my part to create a painting that seems to represent anything in particular. I started this painting with no plan whatsoever. It was about color and texture and dividing the space up in an interesting way. I knew I wanted to create an imaginary landscape of sorts, but that was as far as premeditation went. When it came time to title it, I was thinking through some personal issues and the phrase "the edge of reason" kept replaying in my head and this is how this painting came to be named The Edge of Reason.

The edge or cliff that I include in so many of my paintings was present, but this is the first time that this feeling became attached to one of my paintings. I can imagine standing on the edge of that "cliff' trying to reason through some big decision. Thinking through all of the options and, like I do so often, never making a decision. Just remaining trapped at the edge of reason.

The Edge of Reason
16in x 32in
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