Monday, March 17, 2014

The Year of Joy

The Year of Joy 32"x24"

You may remember I shared small details of my newest paintings in my post last week. This one is called "The Year of Joy". I chose this title because it expresses my intention of spreading joy with my art this year. It has these small mica flakes at the tops of the textured lines that remind me of small champagne bubbles popping up in celebration of this amazing year ahead of us. I'm so excited!

"Harmonious Bliss" 16"x24"
This is my second painting of the year called "Harmonious Bliss". The turquoise blue makes me feel calm, but the deep red and other warm colors makes me feel such intense joy. I love how they work harmoniously together. 

Adding the finishing touches!
Each week, I am in a state of beginning, working on and finishing new work and I love this process. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment. It also helps keep things fresh. If I am not feeling a painting, I can always start a new one. If I don't know where to begin a new painting, I can always varnish and paint frames black. It is how I keep things moving all the time without feeling trapped by the process. 

Detail of the painting I finished last week.

Small detail of another finished painting from last week.


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