Friday, September 27, 2013

Juggling Projects and Thoughts

My theme for studio time today seems to be juggling. Juggling projects and juggling thoughts. I brought the 24"x48" cityscape from earlier this week up to my living room to live with if for a while. This is my most useful way to truly see my paintings when I am unsure about them. Next, I started a project for my friend Mary Nasser's blog hop she is hosting next week. Sorry, no pics 'til next week! I made progress on two more works in progress. Normally I would have loved the pace, but today my mind was also juggling things unrelated. Such is life, right? Thankfully my work ended on a really great note. I found a place of concentration long enough to really enjoy working on my "grown up confetti" painting I started earlier this week. I was even lucky enough to get a goose bump moment. That's a moment when the colors come together just right in a way that my heart actually jumps and I just KNOW that my choice was correct. It makes me squeal a little.
48"x12" WIP Added more color today.

Filled my pallet with super pretty colors. 

Close up of the 48"x12" WIP (grown up confetti) I added more fun colors  today.
The fruits of my labor from today on the easel. Still more work to do, but I like them so far.

Okay, I can't help it, here is a little sneak peek from the work I did for Mary's blog hop next week...I can't help myself. It was so much fun and I haven't even started painting yet!
Prepping my boards for my project using Mary Nasser's map stencil she designed.  Tune back in on October 2nd for the Blog Hop. There will be give aways!


  1. love how these two pieces are coming together, such great colour and textures :-) I always like to 'live' with my art for a time as well, seeing it from various angles, lighting just helps me 'see' what I can't always see in the studio.

    1. Thank you for continuing to keep up with my blog Bren! You are so right a new location for my paintings completely changes how I see it.


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