Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Earth's Legacy

Earth's Legacy by Heather Haymart 48"x32" 
Over time, I would love to talk about each one of my paintings I made for the William Woods Exhibit. This one is called "Earth's Legacy". This is how I think of trees; they are the children of the earth and they are here to carry on her name. They have witnessed so much and they have physical proof of the experiences they have had. If we study a tree, we know about the conditions under which it was raised, just like humans. Trees are my connection to this world and I will always be creating some version of a tree in my art. One day I hope to have a solo show full of a forest of my tree paintings. I already know the title of this show. I have known it for 10 years now. One day I will have to pursue this dream. Until then, I guess I will just keep interpreting these beautiful wonders into paintings.

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