Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wide Open Field

Wide Open Field 42"x72" by Heather Haymart $3150 
Wide Open Field is one of my four large paintings I made for the William Woods Exhibit. It is almost four feet tall and six feet wide. I call them the gigantors. The large paintings are the hardest to get a good photo of, but this is pretty close. The textures are much more extensive in person. I made the layers of land with Wood Icing and dragged a tool through the thick threads to create a grassy looking effect. Then I dragged long lines through to the tops of the flowers that I made by dragging a rake tool in a circular motion. The flowers (dandelions) were such a pain, because I had to paint each little section with white so they would stand out more. I am glad I did though, because it would make me sad if you couldn't see them from a distance. The coral sky is my favorite part. I just love that color. The green field actually has a hint of light blue in it, among other colors.

This painting is a manifestation of my vision of springtime. I love this time of year when the weather is warming here in  the Midwest. We actually sat on the deck and let the sun fall on us yesterday. The grass is that perfect shade of green and the flowers are thinking about coming in. It is a time of infinite possibilities and the world is wide open.


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