Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tough Decisions

8"x8" Tree Paintings just in time for the fair this weekend.
Last week I had to make a tough decision; accept being called from the wait list for Brookside Art Fair in Kansas City, or stay home for my son's 8th grade dance. I was really looking forward to him going to this dance (probably more than he is), but I have also been rejected from Brookside twice before. It is in the top 25 fairs in the nation and I was excited to even be wait listed, plus it is a chance to generate some much needed income. If I were his dad, I would just go to the last minute business meeting in Kansas City or whatever and not give it a second thought, but I am the mom. I supposed to choose the kid every time, right? I talked with him and he said he doesn't care if I go, and my mom is going to oversee the getting dressed/dropping off for me. If not me, then the next best thing is my mom, right? I do believe he is actually OK with it. We are shopping for nice clothes for him tonight and that is making me question my decision even more. I just don't want him to tell his therapist in 15 years how his mom abandoned him for one of his big life moments. Ouch!

Guilt Serves No Purpose 6"x6" reproduction 
So in an attempt to live by my wishful painting "Guilt Serves No Purpose" I am going to try and let it go. The booth and hotel are paid for, the commitment has been made. I can only move forward with the best intention and try my hardest to let go of this painful feeling of guilt. 

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