Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's Raining ART at Wood Icing!

This Friday, April 19 we are having an art reception from 6-8pm. Most of the artists who exhibit at Wood Icing will be there showing off new work and enjoying catching up with our collectors and each other. We will be having arty giveaways and a raffle for Art Bucks valued at $200. In addition to that we will have live painting and free art demos. This is always a lot of work for my mom and I, but our hopes are that it will result in some art sales for the artists at Wood Icing. Maybe I will even sell something! It is at Wood Icing at the Chesterfield Mall in Missouri. Would love to see you, if you are local!

What is fun is that it gave me an excuse to play with my Christmas presents; pan pastels and Dr. PH Martin Inks. So fun! First I dripped and washed in some shades of blue inks, then I ran some pan pastels over that for some more arty fun. I collaged gessoed book pages with stamped ART into them. I outlined the raindrops black and then penciled in the rest of the text to be outlined with black Pitt Pens. Quincy (my 5th grader gave me the idea of putting a little splash under the raindrop. I know it is simple and most people could create something like this with a computer, but I just wanted to feel the media in my hands and the computer doesn't do that for me. Maybe next time I will try a computer one with my tablet.

Oh! I almost forgot, I will be exhibiting around 5 new paintings from my William Woods exhibit. Can't wait to break them out. My biggest one will be in the window at Wood icing. It is called Wide Open Field - perfect for a Spring exhibit. I will be writing about that in my next blog entry.

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  1. Hoping it's a huge success and that lots of creations find new homes.


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