Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Crux of Beauty

Crux of Beauty 16"x  24" For sale on Etsy 
I commented on my facebook page yesterday about the amazing tulips that are blooming in my neighborhood this week. I swear, I almost went off the road staring at the super intense red ones. It was like they were glowing from within. Although this painting is of flowers, they are not necessarily tulips. I like leaving the specifics of my paintings up for interpretation.

You know how I made those little ovals for the flowers? I pressed the end of an old paintbrush that lost it's bristles into the texture paste. If you look back at my paintings through the years, you can find this shape repeated in different ways like in this one, and  this one. That means I hang onto my tools for a long time! Can you guess how I got this dotted line that represents the roots in the green area in the bottom part of the painting?


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