Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Winter Coats

Winter Coats 32" x 24" for sale on Etsy HERE
Winter Coats is another painting I made in this cool palette of blues, whites, grays and silver for the William Woods Exhibit - Cox Gallery Exhibit. The triangular shapes represent snow covered evergreens for me, but I love their presence as an abstract element of design as well. I was able to get that awesome texture in the triangular shapes by tearing triangles out of paper and pressing it into the texture and pulling away. I then applied paint in those areas to make them stand out even more. One of the the details I love the most is that there are tiny little flecks of black glitter that reveal themselves throughout the painting. You can't really see this unless you see the painting in person, but I love that moment when I find them like tiny buried treasures.  The "stars" above are accented with raised silver paint and black glitter paint in a recessed dot. These are the details I love to add at the very end of creating a painting, and it makes me smile every time.

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