Thursday, March 21, 2013

Let Light

Let Light 24" x 32" for sale on Etsy HERE
Let Light is another painting I made in the fall colors series of the William Woods exhibit. The top gold/yellow portion is filled with a mixture of glass bead gel medium and wood icing. I also poked holes into the texture to further push this gem filled grainy texture and then painted it gold-ish for even more light. The rest of the painting is filled with brown that fades into rust/copper - another color I am obsessing over. The raised textured line is accented with a mixture of copper and gold. I called this painting Let Light because as I created this and many of my paintings, while I listened to Hay House Radio (online radio show) and the shows I listened to reminded me how important it is to let light in. We can so often close that gap with anger, resentment, sorrow, stress and so on. This painting is my reminder to open the gap and allow for all that is light and good to pour in. Only positive things can come from this, I truly believe.

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