Friday, March 8, 2013

Elegant Storm

Elegant Storm - 24" x 32" For sale on Etsy
In Elegant Storm, I experimented with mixing acrylic silver with blue acrylic paint for the middle section and it made the most lovely light blue with a hint of sparkle. I used more silver gray in the top portion and black and brown in the bottom with silver grazing over the tops of the texture. I even incorporated a little glass bead medium and silver foil flakes into the texture just to really emphasize that icy feel I was trying to achieve. I titled this painting Elegant Storm because I felt it became such an elegant and simple painting with a very rich feel to it, but it also has the feel of a magnificent snow storm on its way, complete with thunder lightening. It reminds me of a quietly sophisticated woman about to unleash her powers of verbal strength onto a world that needs to be re-educated and re-aligned with all that is good.


  1. Love the name your chose, the experimentation (and explanation of the process) and the artistry as usual. Stunning......

    1. Thank you Nancy, I take that as a huge compliment coming from you.


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