Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cox Gallery Exhibit at William Woods University

It feels really phenomenal to attain one of  your goals. Saturday, the show was hung and looked great. It was then, that I felt finished. Art receptions make me a nervous wreck, so after completing the paintings and hanging them, I felt I had accomplished my goal. The reception was so very nice and I received lots of complements which always embarrasses me into a hand wringing mess, but I persevered. My family was there with me and that was very comforting. Sunday, once the reception and demo/talk was over, I had to leave my paintings there and that might have been the hardest part. I have definitely become attached to them, but they look great where they are and we will be picking them up in a month. This has been an amazing, creative experience for me and I wouldn't have traded it for the world. I would like to do another exhibit like this, but I think I will aim for 2015 for the next one.
In future posts I will talk about the paintings I made, but for now, I will let my pictures tell the rest of the story....
This is the sign outside the main entrance to the Cox Gallery.

Doorway into the gallery with our poster!
This is the main view of the gallery with mine and Chris's glass work. I thought our work looked beautiful together.

Here is another view with just the spot lights on.
Me and Chris McCarthy - he owns Park Avenue Glass in St. Louis
Chris's beautiful glass.
The two people responsible for me getting to have this exhibit.
My mother in law, Cathy, who gave Jennifer Sain, the gallery director, my card!

Four generations of creatives! My mom, Rose Wilde, my grandma and my daughter.
Talking about my process with close family friend, Herman.

Cool gallery photo by my hubby Ben. I think that is my brother and my mom in the middle.
"The Inside Scoop" Artist Talk/Demo - My hands were shaking like crazy!

The little painting I was demonstrating on.

Chris and I just received an e-mail from Jennifer (the gallery director) and she gave me goosebumps. She said, "The show is commanding rave reviews from faculty, staff and students.  Thank you for sharing your work with us!  Showing your work together creates depth of perspective…  I call it a vibrant calm like sitting in the sun with eyes closed, resting the soul." Thank you Jennifer.


  1. Oh Heather, how amazing!!! It is absolutely gorgeous and you must be so proud. Your work looks perfect with Chris'. The colors sing together.

  2. Congratulations Heather! What a wonderful are so charming and your work is beautiful, rich, wonderful composition and color. Be proud of yourself girl so many artist don't get to have this moment!! Hugs!!

    1. Thank you Tam, for saying such nice things. I am truly moved by how much support I have received and you are right, I should be more proud and less nervous! I just looked at your blog and love it! I also "liked" your FB page!


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