Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Big Show in 2013!

This spring, I received an e-mail from the gallery director of Mildred M Cox Gallery at William Woods University inviting me to exhibit in the gallery. I can thank my mother-in-law for this connection because they happen to be neighbors! After, reviewing my web site, Jennifer, the gallery director invited me to exhibit and I said yes, yes yes!

There are a couple of reasons why this feels like it is meant to be. For one reason, earlier this year, I took Stephanie Levy's e-course Creative Courage and she encouraged us to write our goals and one of my goals was to pursue having a solo exhibit of my work in a gallery by 2013 but I didn't know how it would ever happen, because I don't have time to submit to these types of exhibits. Another reason this is so interesting  to me is because when I was a high school senior and looking at colleges, I took a brochure from William Woods college and drew this really cool photo of these college students sitting in front of this beautiful, tall, arched window. I still have it somewhere in the recesses of my basement! I will post it if I ever find it. Lastly, I noticed that this summer, that one of my college professors from Mizzou had an exhibit at William Woods, so I decided that was the third a final sign I needed to know that this was the right decision for me. This professor gave me advice on drawing trees that still comes to me every time I work on a tree painting.

This summer, we visited Ben's mom and I went over to the college to meet Jennifer, view the gallery, measure and take pictures. I wanted to create an entire body of work for this exhibit. I still don't have a title for the exhibit and time is ticking. I need about 30 paintings by the time I am ready to hang in February of 2013. Daunting? Yes, but I love having this goal. When it is all finished, I will have plenty of paintings to sell during art fair season. I also decided instead of having the show be solo, that I would invite a glass artist to exhibit with me. My friend Sharon Spillar recommended Chris McCarthy, owner of Park Avenue Glass. His work is so beautifully unique and I felt that our work would look really great together.

I am beginning a countdown for getting my paintings finished to keep myself motivated and on track. So far, I have six finished, four in progress and 20 to go. I had two finished, but I took them to Memphis and sold them. I couldn't help it! I need the work to take with me!

Wish me luck!


  1. So so happy for your, Heather!!
    This is such wonderful news!
    It will be an amazing show!

    1. Thank you Mary!!! I am very excited. It has been very good for me to paint with an entire room in mind to fill. I love it.


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