Tuesday, October 30, 2012

RiverArtsFest 2012 - Hard Work and Good Times

Once again, Memphis did not disappoint. I am feeling very blessed this year. The weather on Friday was pretty cold and misty. I was shivering uncontrollably by the time that Ben and the kids came to pick me up. The rest of the weekend was very chilly, but sunny, so it was bearable. Saturday was the best day of business for me. Among other great sales, I sold "Three Trees" to one of my loyal and dear collectors. She even gave us a tour of her beautiful home and art collection when we delivered the painting. Thank goodness we sold it because we almost could not fit it in the van!

Three Trees 42"x72" SOLD!
We teased the kids saying that if I sold the big tree painting, we were getting ribs for dinner, but if I didn't we would get burgers. Well we celebrated with ribs for dinner on Saturday night at Central BBQ. It was pretty delicious and we had a great time.

One of the things I just love about doing RiverArtsFest is the Trolley. It runs right through the fair. At first I thought that would be the curse of death, but it turns out that it just adds character to the experience. The horn is too loud, but otherwise, I love when it goes by.

The balloon people were new this year. They were so funny, but I wondered how they would go to the bathroom!

That's my new chair. Isn't it awesome? I took it out for the maiden voyage this weekend and I love it! I am so glad I sent the blue one back and got the black I intended to get. I got it at www.everywherechair.com if you are in the market for a new art fair chair. It is super comfy!

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