Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Post - Eye Spy Art Night

I'm not feeling very chatty today, but I am thrilled with how our Eye Spy Art party went last weekend at Wood Icing. We somehow managed to have a well attended event despite the Cardinals having a playoff game at the very same time as our reception. Remind me to NEVER have another reception in October!

Wood Icing Storefront the night of the Eye Spy Art Night

I love this photo of everything going on at once. People are "spying" art, Vesna is painting, Mary Nasser is doing her demo, my mom is having a good time even though she says she hates these things. It's just a great sampling of our lovely night.

Here are Susie Tenzer and Riley Williams. They worked their butts off all night working the register and wrapping things for our guests. We couldn't do it without them, and we wouldn't want to! Their steadfast loyalty means the world to us.

This is my favorite picture because if you look at my mom's name tag, you can see that she is wearing Mary Nasser's name tag upside down - post hug!


  1. Oh, what great pictures! Looks like it was a wonderful night - and I love the accidental tag on your mom!
    AND right back at ya - I have never tried stamping into texture paste! Now I'm going to, thank you! xoxo

    1. Thanks Kristen for hopping over! You will love using the texture for your stamps. I use Wood Icing texutre paste. You can buy it on my mom's web site; www.woodicing.com. Have fun!

  2. Thank you for organizing such a brilliant event, Heather!
    Love the photos you took, too! Your mom and I were so busy talking about making cards that neither of us noticed my upside-down-post-hug-name-tag on her until you pointed it out!


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