Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Good Morning St. Louis!

Isn't the lily pond pretty? Even though it was at 6:30am.

This past Sunday, I did the St. Louis Hills Art in the Park art fair in Francis park. It is a one day show and it was nice getting to sleep in my own bed and keep normal hours for the other part of the weekend. Except for waking up at 5am, ouch! I swore I would never do that again after quitting teaching unless I am leaving for vacation. Having babies robbed us of that promise long ago though, so we made it through just fine.

Sturdy Tree - SOLD

The fair was full of really nice and supportive people who I hope decide to come to our next art reception at Wood Icing on October 12th. I sold lots of my Wishful Painting reproductions and my "Sturdy Tree" painting, so I would say it was worth it. The best part was getting to see lots of my good friends and family. It is very comforting to have "my people" come see me at these events. I can't explain why, I just like it, even though it was so busy I couldn't really visit. It's just comforting.

This is the view from where we were setting up. The fog was amazing.
Ben helping me set up. Our shoes were wet!


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