Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Eye Spy Art Night at Wood Icing

I made this in my art journal after many attempts at creating one with the computer.
Once again, I was saved by my art supplies!

This week we are getting ready for the next art reception at Wood Icing. My mom and I were brain storming ideas about what we could do this time that could possibly compare to our last one. We had such an awesome turn out and everyone said they had a great time, so we don't want to disappoint.

This time we thought of having our guests play a game for prizes. I'm not gonna lie, my main goal here is to create a situation where our guests are encouraged to look at the art, talk to the artists and hopefully buy some of their art. My other main goal is that everyone has a great time. Soooo, we came up with the Eye Spy Art game. Will give our guests a card that has 10 hints about different art in the room. First, the guests "spy" the art, then they find the artist who made that piece and receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win gift certificates to use at the gallery. The more raffle tickets they get, the more chances they have to win. We will be giving away four $25 gift certificates and two $50 gifts certificates. Yep, we are generous gallery owners! Please mark your calendars for this Friday, October 12th from 6-8pm to come by Wood Icing Gallery and have some "Eye Spying" fun!

I took this picture of my Mom's paint and brushes. Not bad for an amateur, huh?

Also, my mom got some Chalk Paint(TM) with no labels so we have no idea what color is in the can. She has decided to have a guess the color of the chalk paint game and if you guess it right, you win a free wax brush which normally cost $35 so that's a great prize too.

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And as always there will be wine!


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