Friday, October 12, 2012

Are you on Facebook?

It seems like everyone is on Facebook these days. I remember rejecting it completely when my two good friends who happen to be sisters were competing on getting the most "friends" and I was on their hit list. I thought it sounded like the biggest waste of time EVER....and it is, but I can't stop either. Now I think I am on it more than my friends who got me hooked! We joke about how "It's not real, until it's on Facebook." I do love that in these busy times, I can keep up with the little things that are going on with my friends and family (sometimes it is the only social interaction I get all day) and I can stay up to date on the latest art techniques and shows. It is fun to check and I am trying to use it as a business tool as well.

This is my Fan Page. Please "like" it!

Speaking of which, I have a fan page. This idea really embarrassed me at first. Made me feel so full of myself, but I hear that is was the way to go. I try to keep my art happenings on my fan page and my personal stuff on my personal page. It isn't really that simple, but I try. I have heard that if you reach 400 fans that more opportunities open up for you on your fan page, but I don't really know the secret yet. I have 388, so I guess I will find out after I get 12 more fans. Please go to my page and hit "like" if you haven't already so I can find out the mystery. I promise to "like" you back!

Another thing I learned is that if you keep lists on FB, it helps you keep track of the pages that you would like to keep up with. Facbook apparently makes it to where we do not see the pages we like so easily any more, which is a huge bummer, because I want to see the pages I like! Anyway, to get around that, I go to Friends on the left side of my FB page, then I click Create a List, and then I add pages/friends to that list. For instance, I have one for all the Wood Icing artists so I can keep up with what they are up to and share their news on the Wood Icing Page. I also have a list for my family. They way when I check FB, I can go straight to that list to see what the people I care the most about are doing. This keeps me from missing the important photos of my super cute babies in the family!
What do you do with Facebook?


  1. I just call mine my "business" page - thus avoiding all that embarassment. ;)

    I have lists too, but I have found that FB eventually screws with that too. It's not they make it "harder" exactlly, it's that they show you the people/pages you interact with with most - i.e. the people who comment on your page and who you comment on.

    But it's not just Facebook. Google does it, Bing does it - everywhere you go, they track what you're doing and what you click on, and so when you google - I don't know - morrocan wedding blankets - you're going to get different results than I do - because they'll give them to me from sites I've already been to instead of sites I HAVEN'T been to - and you, who may have never googled "morrocan wedding blankets" will get results based on the preferences you've established.

    I think this is reasonably okay when it comes to Morrocan Wedding Blankets - but not so fine when it comes to me googling news items. If I google "Mitt Romney" for instance, it will only show me news stories that have a negative slant towards him, as Google has figured out that I'm a lefty. This isn't good actually. Having my world view formed by my personal preferences mean I never learn anything new, am never challenged, never get out of my bubble, develop tunnel vision and think that everyone agrees with me when that's not the case.

    Wow. I really got off topic, didn't I? lol But all of THAT was to say that that's why your facebook feed gets smaller and smaller and narrower and narrower. :)

    1. Wow, the idea of it really frustrates me. I like that you got off topic though. It is food for thought. Thank you for your comment Kit and thank you for sharing your insight!!


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