Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Artists Helping Artists Radio Show

This is an internet based Blog Talk Radio show that I listen to while I am in the studio sometimes. My friend and fellow artist at Wood Icing Gallery; Susie Tenzer introduced me to it and I will be forever grateful. This show keeps me company while I am painting and is full of really great marketing ideas. Leslie Saeta is a former marketing pro turned artist; great combo for sure. She does interviews with various artists and also offers many tips of her own to the mix. She touches on Web Sites, social media marketing, painting, exhibiting, galleries, selling online and much more.

This is a great resource for artists because she has made the shows free and you can listen to them any time. You can pause it to take some notes and you can come back to a show at another time. Sometimes I feel like I am hearing things I already know, but more often than not I am learning lots of new ideas. Even if I have heard it before it is nice to know other people are going through these same thoughts and issues. The best part is getting to hear how other artists are dealing with this life of trying to make a living creating and selling art.

My three favorite shows lately have been; Christmas in July, Let's Turn Pro, and 15 Ways to Get Back on Track for your Best Year Ever. In these podcasts, I was reminded to think ahead to the Christmas season when I wasn't thinking about that at all. I learned about a way to work around the Facebook Fan Page issues that I have tons of questions about, and I was reminded how important it is to schedule paint time. Yes, I said SCHEDULE paint time. Since it is what I love the most, I have often been stupidly depriving myself of it in order to finish the more "important" business like things.

If you are interested in learning more about how to market your art or other creative business, you should definitely check out Artists Helping Artists! What other resources do you use to keep on top of your art business?

If you ever read this Leslie, thank you for providing such an amazing resource for artists! I hope webinarts take off, because it looks fantastic!


  1. I'm with you Heather, it's a fantastic show, so helpful and inspiring at the same time. I'm taking the WebinArts course and it is terrific :-)

  2. I have been so tempted to take WebinArts, but I don't think I am able to commit myself to it yet. Have fun with it, I know it will be worth the time and money spent.


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