Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Consistent Studio Time

This month I have been spending some much needed and long awaited time in the studio and I am so happy! The day after the kids went back to school, I started painting again in my home studio for large blocks of time during the day and it has been simply wonderful. I have a goal of completing 25 new paintings by January 31st of 2013. This is no arbitrary goal though. I have an exhibit that I am getting ready for. I have only told a handful of people about this because I am waiting until I sign on the dotted line before I actually say where it will be. Until then, suffice it to say that I will be spending some serious and consistent time in the studio this fall. Yay!!! Nothing like a great goal and a deadline to kick your butt right into production.

This is the painting I started today. I cut some simple stencils for it.
So far this month, I finished a commissioned painting for my dear friends Ron and Rey, and I have begun five new paintings, all in varying stages. Today when I was ready to clean up, I took some photo details of most of the paintings because I am just dying to start talking to someone about them!

Ron and Rey's detail of their commissioned painting. Better photos and a full post about this project to follow!

This is a tiny detail of the first painting for my show. It is HUGE 42"x72" and it is predominantly white!

This is WIP #2 of the group. I used silver foil flakes in it!
WIP # 3 Detail. I figured out this new way to achieve an awesome texture using paper!
There is one more painting on the easel that I didn't photograph because it's kind of in an ugly stage and I wasn't ready to talk about it yet. I also worked a little on my next art journal page and I worked a little more on my next Wishful Painting. It has been in progress since June! I messed up the colors though and I just don't know if I can bring it back. We will see....

So what kind of projects do you have going? Re-decorating? Purging your garage? Creating a new piece of art? I love hearing about other people's projects. It motivates me!


  1. These are great! I especially like WIP#2--the one with the silver foil flakes in it--but they're all really cool. Good luck with your goal of 25 paintings...I hope you'll be sharing photos :)

    1. Thank you Cat! I will be trying very hard to to keep up blogging my progress on this project. Thank you for the good luck wishes also!

  2. Great news, and a worthy goal, nothing like time spent in the studio. Love what I'm seeing in the details, such great textures and wonderful colour blends. Looking forward to following your progress!

    1. Thank you Bren. The paintings will change a lot over the next few weeks, but the details are what I am drawn to right now also. I want to push the painting, but I don't want to lose the special parts. It's a dance!


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