Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sparkling Up

I always go into the summer kicking and screaming. Wishing I could accomplish more with less time. My kids are home for the summer and this drastically changes my art life. I crab about it, I enjoy it, I battle it and then I finally give into it. After three weeks, I am finally accepting the change that I must accept. My house is a disaster, we have all took turns being sick, I haven't been able to get to the studio in order to begin my newest commission, I am behind in blogging and more. BUT! We did go on a Father's Day family hike and BBQ, we did go to Six Flags, I got to hang out with my girlfriends for cocktails one night, Max loves tennis lessons, Quincy is enjoying Summertime Fun at Summer School, and today we will become the proud owners of a pet hamster. Life will not be slowing down, but I am beginning to accept this more quickly and with less reluctance.

One thing I CAN do today is share one of my latest paintings that I finished about two weeks ago. I have been experimenting with metallic flakes and metallic paint in my paintings.
Sparkling Up 12"x16"

This painting is called "Sparkling Up". It is one of my very favorites right now, and I thought it appropriate to share with this post of frustration. I just love the idea that these little copper circles are sparkling up out of the depths. Just like the good things in life. If we let go and allow the good things to rise up through all the bad, we will be so much better off. "Patience, my dear." That's what I keep telling myself. The good things are there waiting to float up and be noticed if we take our focus off the bad or frustrating things.

What's "sparkling up" for you today?


  1. I really like the horizontal stone looking shapes. it reminds of bluffs one would see on a float trip.

    1. Thanks Marco. The thought of a float trip made me miss you immediately. :) I love your newest paintings!


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