Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Peaceful Stability - My Latest Commission

When things are going really great or really terrible, I disappear. I neglect my blog and facebook, no new Wishful Paintings and I decide to hunker down. This time it is because things are going really great. Thankfully! I am getting ready for Art and  Air in Webster Groves, MO this weekend, we found two new wonderful artists to fill our Key Artist positions at Wood Icing, I was able to travel with my family to Nashville for my cousin's wedding and I finished my big commission that was a Valentine's day gift from one very thoughtful husband to his wife. We delivered it to the wonderful couple on Mother's Day weekend and they were so so happy with it. Quite a gift to me, I must say!

Peaceful Stability 48"x40" Commission - Private Collection
I titled it Peaceful Stability based on our conversations about what she would like to have painted. This painting titled itself during its conception. I used straight lines; both vertical and horizontal to imply stability and reinforced this with texture and color. The colors are based on colors that "DF" and "MF" like and have in their home, but the way I blended them and used them with each other was my way of  expressing peace. I like the idea that there is orange and yellow in the green and that there is red-orange in the dark green. This conveys a feeling of compromise and partnership that must be present in order to attain peace. There is a hint of blue in the painting at the top that is accompanied by green and orange. This, for me, is a bit of the unexpected. The part of life we don't plan on, but learn to adapt to and even appreciate.

Sometimes I feel like I might just explode from sheer gratitude. I have been busier than I like and I have been feeling pretty sorry for myself about that fact, but reality is, that I have been so fortunate to have be experiencing all of the wonderful things that have been happening with my art career this year so far. I can't wait to tell you more, but for now this post is definitely long enough!

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