Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wishful Painting Wednesday - Today I Choose Happiness

Every day we wake up with a choice of how we will face the day. Will today be good or bad? Will I let bad luck, bad timing, or bad choices decide the fate of my day? Yes, honestly. I have and still will sometimes, of course. I am human. BUT no matter what is happening, we can choose happiness. If we choose it, it will come sooner than if we don't. Maybe it will not be immediate, but it does become reality if we first make the choice.

I personally have to work at not choosing fear, anger, stress, anxiety, and guilt among many other unpleasant emotions. My way of keeping them down and a more positive outlook up, is by forcing it on myself. Whether I say it out loud or in my head, I actually do say or think these words, "Today I Choose Happiness". It helps, I promise. Try it for one week; every time a negative thought creeps in; see what happens. It becomes difficult to keep feeling bad when your brain is saying happy.

Today I Choose Happiness 12"x12"
It felt really good to make this painting. Scratching through those negative words was very therapeutic for me. The buildings are like different establishments we can walk into or choose not to. The rainbow sky is like a new day with endless possibilities and the words "today I choose" are like the clouds we gaze up at, looking for something recognizable and turning into what we need them to be. Words with power. Happiness is seared into the dense haze of negativity with bright and cheerful colors the same way the sun burns away fog in the morning.


  1. A Men! I choose happiness too!
    Thank you, Connie :)

  2. Love your palette colors!!!!! happy colors!

  3. It's a good practice and really necessary for survival. While there are circumstances beyond our control, we often choose the way we feel, and happiness is a choice.

    1. I couldn't agree more, Colin! Thank you for taking the time to read what I wrote.


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