Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wishful Painting Wednesday: Guilt Serves No Purpose

Guilt. It stinks, doesn't it? We all have it at one time or another and it is hard to accept when we really do screw up. Sometimes we feel guilty because someone laid a guilt trip on us (that's on them). Sometimes we feel guilt because we listen to those voices in our heads telling us that we should feel guilty for this fun thing, or getting a break or whatever (that's on us). We also feel guilty when we do actually screw up. The deal is, that when we make it right to the best of our ability, then we must let it go. Feeling guilty does not make the bad thing we did go away (that is on us).

This painting is for me and for those of you who have a large dose of guilt in your lives almost daily. Yikes, just today I felt guilty for telling my mom the honest truth about a project she was working on when she asked me what I thought (she was fine), I feel guilty that I am going out with some girlfriends tonight (I deserve it), I feel guilty I didn't leave time to get milk and coffee yet today. Oh man, I could go on and on and that is so stupid. So I think I must plaster this painting in every room in the house to help me break this habit.

So who's with me? Are you ready to LET IT GO? I am. Finally. Good luck to you and to me!

Guilt Serves No Purpose 12"x12"


  1. I have been following your blog for a while...did I tell you that I just LOVE the colors of your palette!

  2. Hi Simonne! Yes you have and thank you! I will never get tired of hearing such nice and thoughtful comments. They keep me going!

  3. Beautiful work and gorgeous colors! So happy to have "found" you and thank you for becoming a follower - right back at ya, Kristin xo

    1. Hi Kristin! Thank you for following me back! I love your blog and hope to check in regularly!


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