Monday, December 19, 2011

Collective Consciousness

I have talked at great length with some of my fellow artists about this idea of a collective consciousness. I believe in it's existence so strongly that it became the title of this painting. Trees are almost always metaphors for people in my paintings and in this painting all of the "brains" or heads of the trees are connected physically. In art, it seems that we artists share in some type of joint creative source that inspires us. We aren't copying each other, I think we are led down a creative road by something else. On an even larger scale, I love to think about what would happen if every person in the whole world had one single thought at the same time. What would happen? If art can be created out of this shared aether, imagine what beautiful experiences and results could come from a world consciousness focusing on peace.

Collective Consciousness 16x32 Click here to purchase.


  1. Beautiful,thoughtful words, and art work.

  2. Thank you Susie and Dawson for taking the time to look and read! I know you are some busy ladies!

  3. The same thought all in the same intriguing!!!!

    I love that we artists are able to reach out and make these connections.

    Cold and windy here in New Mexico today. Had thought about wandering Canyon Road, having an art viewing dice. Too windy. Guess I'll stay in and paint....

  4. Me too Paula!

    Hope you have had better weather lately so you can paint!


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