Monday, September 5, 2011

A Painting Frenzy Weekend!

So, the kids are back at school and I am painting again! It doesn't hurt that I have a deadline either. I always work better under the pressure of a deadline as much as I HATE to admit it. What's the deadline you say? Chi-cago, Chi-cago.... I am planning to be at the Lakeview East Festival of the Arts in Chicago this weekend. We get to stay with our good friend Ron and have way too many good eats and drinks.

I have been working on quite a few new paintings, but my main focus this weekend was my 8"x8" paintings, I call them my little babies. I had set a goal of finishing 24 this weekend. Not kidding. I started different ones at different times, but they ALL needed finished. I set up my little studio in the kitchen so I could be around the fam all weekend and painted until my fingers ached, but I did it! Well almost. I got 22 of 24 finished. Those last two just weren't meant to be yet. I missed out on the beautiful weather, but I REALLY enjoyed the painting. It was like hanging out with an old friend after way too long. We really needed it.

Painting the boards white in my studio at Wood Icing Studio Gallery

First stage of a big group that I worked on at the Wood Icing Studio
End of Thursday and Friday on my dining room table 

End of Saturday and then we went to Kevin and Yasmeen's for Chili and Cheesecake, YUM!
End of Sunday and then we went to Johnny G's 40th Birthday party, gotta keep things balanced!

End of today! 22 out of 24 finished and wired thanks to my hubby! Now they need varnish and black paint on the edges.

This is a really great group of paintings, I am proud to say. I am so happy and tired, so I just really wanted to share. I am hoping to be blogging more once this fair is over. Happy Labor Day weekend! 


  1. Good luck at the art festival. Wonderful job on all those 'little' pieces, they look great and I'm sure will find lots of great homes to go to.

  2. Thanks Bren! I need all the luck I can get!

  3. Beautiful work!!!

    love + luck + bliss,

  4. Wonderful paintings! Hope you have a great show!


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