Monday, March 14, 2011

Bubbling Up

This painting has been a long time coming. It has been on my easel for at least eight months but I can't really remember. Starting it was easy, but finishing it was another story all together. This is a terrible photograph of it, but I decided not to let that keep me from sharing it. I will get better photos soon, but you can see it in person at the Wood Icing Studio and Gallery.

Bubbling Up 32"x24" Vertical
It was not a painting with bubbles when I started it. I was thinking about creating alternative transitions from one section of my painting to another. If you know my work, you know that I often divide the space in my paintings with ledges of texture (Wood Icing). This time I decided to use imprinted circles instead of  my signature ledge. There is no real deep meaning behind this painting. It is titled Bubbling Up because I think that is what these circles ended up doing. They bubbled up to the surface of my painting! This painting is wired to hang both horizontally and vertically because it was impossible for me to decide which way I liked it better. 
Which way do you prefer?

Bubbling Up 24"x32" Horizontal


  1. Hi! I just read about your art in a book by Mary Beth Shaw. It caught my eye that you were from the St. Louis area like me. I have never done abstracts but the book piqued my interest. I love all the texture in your paintings. I have been experimenting with more texture in my folk art, and I love to use vintage sheet music and book pages. I may have to visit one of your galleries.

    By the way. I like the bubble painting horizontally best. For some reason it is more calming to me that way--sort of like looking out to sea. Have a great evening--hope this silly snow melts soon!

  2. Hi Chris,
    Thank you for checking out my blog and my work. I like your blog too. Mary Beth is going to stop here blog tour next week! You'll have to check back in for her giveaway.

    Texture is so fun to incorporate in your art. Once you start, you can't stop!

    Thank you for the feedback on Bubbling Up. Thankfully I don't have to decide which way to hang it.

  3. beautiful! love it either way...


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