Monday, December 13, 2010

A Little Psychic?

Have I ever mentioned that I am a little psychic? Not really....but...well...kinda. For one, I can almost always tell when someone is lying to me, but I don't usually tell them I know. That's pretty useful. However, my inner lie detector shuts down when someone is trying to make me look silly, then I am as gullible as the day is long.

In addition to that, I have this weird thing where I will imagine something ahead of time, but it rarely helps me. Like today. Did I mention that it was 3 degrees out this morning? A few days ago when I heard that it was going to be so cold, out of the blue, I said, "That's okay, at least my car battery won't die 'cause I got a new one!" Fast forward to this morning. I hop in the van to take Quincy to school and click. No way! This can't be happening! Did I mention that it was 3 degrees out this morning? So I came back inside to grab my phone and my dog, because if I am gonna walk Quiny to school, I might as well take the beast. Of course, while we are standing in the drive, I wave to my neighbor Christy as she drives by to take her kids to school. Duh. Did I think to ask if Quincy could hitch a ride? No. Just waved and smiled and called Ben to rescue my car so I can get crap done today. Half way to school Quincy says between chattering teeth and wet tennis shoes, "I really hate winter if it wasn't for Christmas." I had to agree with her. Snow is great from inside a warm house but that is about it. So my little useless prediction of the opposite did me no good. Maybe one day I will hone my "skills" and be able to save my butt from freezing off.

Do you have any sixth senses? Tell me! Tell me!

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