Thursday, December 2, 2010

From Me to We

This blog post has no art in it. I am sad about not painting lately, but I am happy with my current situation that has been taking my time away from painting. Right now I have at least five paintings in progress on my easel waiting impatiently for some much needed attention. For now though, they will remain neglected. I am not happy about this but I am not mad about it either.

What have I been doing? Well I have been working hard to be a good partner to my mom at our Wood Icing Studio and Gallery. We have re-arranged how things work at the gallery and it has increased my workload threefold, but I really love it. I have learned something about myself that I never knew. It is so much easier to promote other artists besides myself. In fact, it is fun. I always felt so self centered before and I probably still am. Aren't most artists anyway? The point is that I really enjoy promoting my artist friends that we invited to be a part of our gallery. It is very eye opening to take a moment and really focus on someone else's art for a change.

This Saturday, December 4th from 5-8pm we are hosting a reception for Liz Franklin an interior designer. I had this idea of how cool it would be to team up an interior designer, a decorative finisher and fine artists to create an amazing space in our special exhibit space in our gallery. When I brought this idea to my mom, we were off and running. We called Liz Franklin (whom we met in our gallery), Gail Strebel (a friend of my mom's), and then let Liz choose work from our gallery to use in her space. My mom and Gail went crazy with this beautiful finish and my dad was kind enough to install the walls. Liz got Dolnick's Furniture to donate furniture for the display and our artists got to be in the running for this amazing display. She chose Sharon Spillar's, Dawson Morgan's  and my art for the vignette. She might even be purchasing one of Mary Beth Shaw's paintings for a client! So my grand scheme is working! We are bringing together three creative business at our gallery which will hopefully result in more art in people's homes!


  1. such a great idea. glad it's coming together!

  2. Thanks Jennifer! I just read your blog for a bit. So interesting! And your art is beautiful too!


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