Monday, November 22, 2010

Re-Visiting my Social Life

This weekend was fun. Remember when I said I was planning to have more fun? Well, this weekend I did. Finally. We went to see the new Harry Potter movie on Saturday morning. Did you know that you can go to the movies before noon on Saturdays and get the tickets for half price? We went to the theater at the Chesterfield Mall. It was good but I didn't know it was a two part movie and we have to wait until June or something to see the other half. I think I am the only person on earth who hasn't read the books. I have seen all of the movies many times though because my husband and kids are Potter heads.

This is a picture Quincy drew for me on my phone while we were waiting for the movie to start.

Then we had babysitting! My husband and I are turning 40 this November and December and we had a casual get together with good friends at Black Thorn in South City, our old neighborhood. We played shuffle board until the ceiling starting raining on the shuffle board table and my cousin said, "That could be pee." Yuck. Needless to say we quit playing shuffle board. We had a really nice time though and it was so good to see everyone. I forgot how much my friends make me laugh. No more neglecting friends for work. There I said it. Now I have to make good on that statement don't I? AND I am going to start doing the inviting. Crazy talk I know.


  1. Yeah Heather! I like your new "more fun" policy and I will do what I can to promote that.

  2. Thanks! I need all the encouragement that I can get!


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