Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pretty City

Pretty City

I just finished this painting about two weeks ago. I am so excited about how it came out. It is kind of a smaller version of "New Day" but different. I always thought of New Day as more of a landscape. I love the idea of creating an imaginary world out of textures and colors. It is abstract but we definitely feel like we recognize something there. Sometimes people do not think of cities as being pretty, but can't you just imagine the sun coming up or setting over all of these gorgeous buildings?

Truth be told, I got some new palette knives and Ben made me this new size of panel to paint on and I just had a blast making it. I had no idea where it was going to go, I just knew the colors I planned to use.
 I love when this happens.


  1. It's really beautiful Heather! :)


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