Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gaining Perspective

Gaining Perspective

This January we flew to Phoenix to see my best friend get married. While I was on the plane, I drew the earth below us through the little airplane window in my sketchbook. I always get nostalgic about sketching when I travel. It seems like something that should be documented through drawing. This painting is from one of those sketches I made. I think I was looking at a river and the mountains against the sky, but it was super abstracted from being so far up.

Gaining Perspective is actually a title with double meaning for me. I was able to gain perspective from the land I was drawing through sheer altitude and I always feel that I gain perspective about life when I travel. There is something about when I take myself out of my routine and my geographical location that opens my eyes to new ways of thinking and observing everything with fresh eyes. Makes me wish I could travel more!

You'll have to come see this painting in person because my photo doesn't really show all the gold and bronze paint I used in the yellow and brown areas. Right now it is hanging in my store Wood Icing at the Chesterfield Mall.

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