Friday, May 7, 2010

Mental Barriers

Mental Barriers

I love this idea of knowing there are places we can go and places we can't go; physically, mentally and otherwise. We don't need signs that say so, we just know, I guess from instinct. You know not to bring up that one subject with that one person, you know not to go into some one's dressing room (unless you know them...really well), it's okay to walk in on some lectures, but definitely not others. It is so fascinating to me how certain things are off limits and certain things are completely open. I don't know why. And what is even more interesting to me is that some people don't know or don't care and they are the ones that go ahead and make everyone stand up so they can get the seat in the middle when they show up late to the movies and bring up THE subject everyone else knows to avoid. Maybe they are more free than the rest of us. They certainly wake everyone up when they cross obvious barriers. 

Anyway, that is what this painting is about for me, and that is why I titled it Mental Barriers. Actually it has had three titles; Mental Barriers, Compartmentalized and Various Openings. The title keeps changing, but the concept remains the same. Can you see it in the painting?

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