Thursday, April 29, 2010

Feminine Kindness

Feminine Kindness
Commissioned by Julie H.

This painting is inspired by three lovely women; Margaret Sanger, Gloria Steinem and Julie H. It began as a solution to a problem. I had two paintings (Gloria Steinem and Margaret Sanger) that Julie liked but they were the wrong size. We planned and decided to make one just for her that was the right size. Problem solved.

I began creating a painting that fit the bill and in the process, I got to know Julie. The best way to describe her is kind. I realized that as I made this painting, it was becoming a visual representation of all three women. Circles have always represented life to me in my paintings; sometimes in the form of a flower and sometimes in the form of a person. Straight lines have always represented strength and stability. This painting celebrates some of the best attributes of all three women; forthcoming, bold and most of all kind.

I wish my photograph did this painting justice but my photo just didn't come out right. The good news is that Julie loved this paiting and hired me to make two more pieces for her dining room. I am so excited to get started this weekend inbetween art lessons and an art birthday party at Wood Icing this weekend.

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