Friday, April 17, 2009

Cutting Through the Tension

I started this painting at a demo I was giving at the Gateway Gallery at the end of 2008. I finished it a couple weeks ago and I am finally showing it off. It is titled Cutting through the Tension because I made it under duress. Just kidding. I just get really nervous when people watch me work, and this painting is the result. The title seemed fitting considering my emotional state during its creation.

What is even funnier is that tonight I am going to be in the Chesterfield Arts Gallery creating "Art on the Spot". If you get my monthly e-newsletter, you already know about this. Funny, isn't it? That I decided to say yes to this crazy idea of making art in FRONT of people, when my preference is to melt into the background of most events. Guess I am going to try my extrovert on for size tonight. Wish me luck!

Oh yeah and I delivered three new paintings to the Gateway Gallery today for the Caution: Fresh paint reception. Look for these signs tonight at the gallery to find all the new work. Wish I could be in two places at once.


  1. I think you already did your painting in front of people, I hope you had fun and I don't blame you that would be scary. That's awesome that you have done that! I love Celestial Navigation too WOW what a gorgeous piece and the meaning to you that's so inspiring Heather :)

  2. Thanks Heather! It really turned out ok. I am so glad I did it.


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